The Human Operators generate vocal electronic dance music suitable for people, animals, and robots.

Most of the sounds, words, and images are created by Tungsten Carbide. The band is currently a studio project but would not rule out doing a live "TV game show with lasers and explosions" at some point in the future if the lawyers allow it.

The Human Operators' image focuses on artwork influenced by Roy Lichtenstein, Peter Max, and the safety card located in the pocket of the seat in front of you (which you should take a moment to read). We just say no to band photos and other identifying information.

The Human Operators began writing and rehearsing in January 2011. The debut EP "Bursting Into Song" was released in August 2012 and is available through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and other outlets. The release coincides with the launch of The Human Operators Fan Cloud at, as well as the usual social media. Fan cloud subscribers get free exclusive song downloads and updates. 

Tungsten Carbide (not his real name) is a human male older than Skrillex and younger than Fatboy Slim who grew up in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco after finishing grad school.

Tungsten is married with two children.  The live together in Villa Carbide ruled by a Bengal cat named Spot (his real name). 

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles Tungsten Carbide loved to draw, paint, and write.  He was good at singing and picking out tunes on the piano but wasn't very good at practicing, so the idea of being a musician never got much traction.  As he got older Tungsten was, however, a music fanatic: he had huge collections of CDs and used vinyl; he went to a lot of punk / goth / industrial shows as well as hanging out in the early L.A. rave scene.  Tungsten earned degrees in engineering and computer science, which to him seemed easier than pursuing a life in the arts.  He earned a living making video games, bots for the internet, and programs for automated securities trading.  

On January 1, 2011, Tungsten was listening to a song, and wondered to himself "how did they get that synth sound?"  He downloaded a copy of Ableton Live and the pent-up creative energy took over.  He soon became obsessed with making music, taking voice training along with learning composition and playing skills.  At the same time, his training in computers and signal processing turned out to be very handy for the production and recording aspects of the music.  He hasn't taken a day off from the music since then.



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